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Tuesday October 13
Bailey’s Seafood
5520 Johnston St
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Thursday October 15
Rabalais Law Office
120 N. Cushing Ave
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New Iberia
Tuesday October 20
Landry’s Seafood
2318 Hwy 90 W
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Estate Planning In Louisiana: 3rd Edition Available in Bookstores Now

Look for the NEW, UPDATED 2013 3rd edition of Estate Planning In Louisiana, A Layman’s Guide to Understanding Wills, Trusts, Probate, Power of Attorney, Medicaid, Living Wills & Taxes, on, or in your favorite Louisiana Barnes and Noble bookstore.

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Attend one of these exclusive upcoming events with local attorney Jonathan Perry and find out:

  • How to avoid probate costs and delays.
  • How to choose between a Living Trust and a Last Will and Testament.
  • Which assets should (and should not) be transferred to your trust to avoid probate.
  • Three advantages and two disadvantages of a Revocable Living Trust in Louisiana.
  • Why a living trust may be “a must” if you own real estate in or outside of Louisiana.
  • How to keep your estate planning legal documents up-to-date for the rest of your life.
  • How your loved ones will manage your estate if you become incapable.
  • How to keep your financial accounts and investments private.

When you Register for and Attend this event, you will receive a free copy of the new 3rd edition of the book, “Estate Planning in Louisiana” by Paul Rabalais.

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